R7s Led Lamp

1. What is R7s lamp?

A R7s lamp is a linear shape halogen lamp, also called double-ended halogen lamp.  Installed in proper light fixture, it’s widely used as outdoor flood lights, security lights, landscape lights, parking lights, and even some indoor flood or deocrative lights. Below pictures show typical R7s halogen lamp and its light fixture.

R7s linear halogen lampTypical R7s light fixture, flood light

2. What’s the size of R7s lamp?

Typical R7s halogen lamp has various lengths, like 78mm, 118mm, 189mm, 254mm, 333mm, with different powers.

3. Why to replace R7s linear halogen lamp with R7s Led lamp?

Like most other led lights, replacing R7s linear halogen lamp with R7s Led lamp has many advantages, including,

      • Money saving.  R7s led lamp consumes much less electricity than R7slinear halogen lamp. Also, R7s double-ended halogen lamp often burns out easily, and has only 1000~2000 hours average lifetime. Comparing with that, R7s Led lamp has ten times lifetime,  imagine how much you would save on electricity bill, and replacement/maintenance costs.
      • Energy saving & Proteching the environment.  Consuming less power means reducing carbon emissions, it’s good for environment protection.
      • Safer handling.  You need not worry any more on toxic materials, and fragile glass/quartz during handling.

We offer R7s Led lamps from 6W (78mm long) to 15W (189mm ong),  with SMD3014 leds, which can replace up to 150W R7s double-ended halogen lamps.

4. How to replace R7s double-ended halogen lamp with R7s Led lamp?

R7s Led lamp is designed to fit most of existing R7s light fixtures. Generally you just take R7s halogen lamp out, and install a R7s led lamp instead. If it’s retrofitting project, and there is ballast or transformer in original fixtures, please remove the ballast or transformer, and connect directly the R7s led lamp with mains voltage.

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